Dialing Innovations Provides Free Phone System and IVR Solution To the largest Franchisee group in the world; Cutting costs and increasing revenue

Dialing Innovations continues to dominate the Telecom services sector with unique cost-effective service solutions for Franchisees

INDIANAPOLIS, IN / ACCESSWIRE / July 31, 2019 / No doubt that the Internet Phone Service and IVR Providers category is ever-growing, but Dialing Innovations has managed to climb to the top of the industry. This company has been able to provide tangible results to the likes of franchising behemoths currently deploying to 28,000 franchisees. It is a rapidly expanding operation that already has over 3,000 subscribers in the USA and Canada and is showing a 10% growth per month.

Dialing Innovations, founded in 2005, is a financially stable company with no debt and no burn rate. They save their typical client 80-90% on their phone services. Their team has developed a Franchise Service Package that is very well received and includes: A phone line for $10.00 per month and free IVR, Internet, Back-Up Internet, Branded WiFi and Comprehensive Security.

How DI helped the largest franchisee network:

  • They Understood The Challenge Franchisees Face: Geographically dispersed employees are difficult to manage and do not fully understand the best ways to handle customer calls for catering needs. Inconsistent sales and service are costing the franchisees revenue. By centralizing the calls to a well−trained and well−staffed call center, The Franchisee can capture this lost sales opportunity.
  • Their Solution Is To Place an IVR Behind The Local Store Number: In order to facilitate the calls intended for the catering business to the call center. They have a solution which enables all “catering” minded calls to be directed to the catering call center where the customer is handled by a trained and dedicated catering associate.
  • This enhanced level of service can provide significant increases in revenue via the catering call center as well as relieve the local store from the time, energy and resources required to service these calls.

About Dialing Innovations:

Dialing Innovations is a Software-As-A-Service company able to do business around the world. While providing a secure environment within its proprietary servers housed in its new state-of-the-art data center. Dialing Innovations focuses on business automation custom built for its clients business needs. Providing Call-Center Applications and business automation solutions for SBA or Enterprise clients has allowed Dialing Innovations to constantly improve business processes while cutting costs.

For complete information, visit: https://www.ipc-ivr.com/

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