Salvage Company Retains Agents To Sell Shipwreck Rights Said To Be Worth Over One Billion

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 6, 2019 / Miami-based Slack & Company CPAs have been engaged to facilitate the unprecedented sale of exclusive salvage rights to an area in the Caribbean known to hold the wrecks of several significant vessels. The Florida-based shipwreck-salvage company selling these exclusive rights chooses to remain anonymous, in order to protect operational and site security.

According to Matthew Slack, Managing Member – Slack & Company, such an unprecedented sale requires significant bona fides and due diligence in order to demonstrate the integrity of the offer. “We’re extremely proud to provide such a high level of service to our clientele.”

“The area encompassed by the exclusive salvage rights is known to contain a wreck that has only been partially recovered”, says Slack. “When you add in the numerous other shipwrecks experts believe are likely to have gone down in the area, the potential value exceeds one billion dollars.”

Given the highly sensitive nature of such transactions, qualified buyers, with strong offers, will be vetted. Detailed information and bona fides to be released under the mutual protection of a non-disclosure agreement.

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Matthew Slack – Miami, FL

SOURCE: Slack and Company

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