Cloudtenna Partners With Nasuni to Deliver Intelligent Search Capabilities to Enterprises

Organizations that rely on Nasuni to achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration can immediately find the file they need within multiple clouds while ensuring compliance with enterprise file access rules

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudtenna – a leading provider of enterprise search technology – today announced a strategic partnership with Nasuni that integrates Nasuni Cloud File Services with Cloudtenna’s DirectSearch and enables enterprises to augment their global collaboration efforts with intelligent search capabilities. DirectSearch is a breakthrough recommendation engine that uses machine learning to complete lightning fast, sub-second search queries on massive distributed datasets that include billions of items.

File search is a singular priority for companies looking to increase worker productivity, particularly as work forces grow increasingly distributed and organizations of all kinds seek to increase collaboration between employees based in offices around the world. IDC estimates that an enterprise employing 1,000 knowledge workers wastes $48,000 per week, or nearly $2.5 million per year, due to employees’ inability to quickly locate and retrieve electronic files.

“For enterprise users, it can be a challenge to find the exact file they are looking for across multiple clouds, not to mention on-premises servers,” said Will Hornkohl, vice president of alliances at Nasuni. “Bringing Cloudtenna into our growing partner community will ensure that users at the organizations we serve can always find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily within the entirety of their global file share – all while using a single login for all file sources and while conducting intelligent searches that reflect personalized contextual insights that are modeled on each individual user’s file activity, history, teams and relationships. And of course, Nasuni and Cloudtenna both are built with safeguards that ensure complete compliance with all file access rules and protocols.”

More than 450 enterprises rely on Nasuni. Nasuni enables enterprises to realize the benefits of cloud object storage – including the unlimited capacity, inherent resiliency and economy of the cloud – while still maintaining the control and performance they’ve come to expect from network attached storage (NAS).

“Nasuni empowers organizations of all kinds not only to use cloud object storage in all of its flavors for primary storage of their files, but also makes an unprecedented degree of global collaboration possible,” said Aaron Ganek, CEO at Cloudtenna. “Search capabilities are even more important when you’re looking at organizations like those that rely on Nasuni, which in many cases not only have massive datasets and equally goliath global file shares, but also have employees who need to access a specific file they worked on with a colleague who’s literally on the other side of the world.”

“The Cloudtenna DirectSearch platform is uniquely designed to tackle distributed datasets, making it the ideal solution for Nasuni’s hybrid cloud file services platform,” Ganek said. “File search infrastructure faces a unique set of requirements that goes beyond the footprint of traditional search infrastructure used for log-search and site-search. It has to be smart enough to reflect accurate file permissions. It has to be smart enough to derive context to boost search results and has to do all this in a fraction of second.”

Nasuni is now one of Cloudtenna’s Tier-One supported data sources. Cloudtenna is also certified as a third-party integration that is available to customers.

About Cloudtenna:

Cloudtenna was founded to bring order to file chaos with a suite of AI‑powered applications for file management. Cloudtenna’s team has decades of experience in both enterprise infrastructure and cloud file management services at leading companies including Rhapsody Networks, Oxygen Cloud, Symantec, Sun Microsystems, NetApp, EMC,, and VERITAS. The team has developed over 20 successful OEM programs from the ground up. Its executives are complemented by engineers who have made key contributions to the NetApp WAFL and VxFS code bases, among other file systems. Together, the Cloudtenna team is revolutionizing how people work with files inside the enterprise with the next generation of file management, file analytics, auditing, and governance. For more information visit


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