IRestify: How the Uber of Cleaning Services Is Revolutionizing Property Management

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2020 / iRestify is a Toronto-based B2B SaaS company enabling enterprise level cleaning services in many large Canadian cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. The company is growing fast and changing the way property management companies keep their premises clean forever.

Following in the footsteps of fellow industry disruptors including Uber and Airbnb, iRestify is building a world in which businesses everywhere will be able to harness the power of technology to conveniently and effectively keep their premises in tip top shape.

Founded by Erifili Morfidis and Charlotte Gummesson, a storied serial entrepreneur duo with a 20 year business history, iRestify is bringing the cleaning industry into the digital age. Its innovative tech-driven offering includes, among other things, instant online quotes, online booking, remote quality inspections, automated invoicing and GPS tracking for cleaning services. One of the largest features of the platform includes an instant communication feature that allows you to chat directly with a cleaning expert, or exchange images such as before and after photos.

If the over 32 million square feet of cleaning services iRestify now manages is any indication, this kind of high-tech update to the cleaning industry is a big hit with property and facility managers.

Starting their business as a home and office cleaning company, the pair of female founders behind iRestify quickly realized the need for and potential of a deep expansion into the commercial sector. Now, after participating in the Fierce Founder Accelerator, graduating from Canada’s top university business incubator the DMZ, and raising $1 million in venture capital funds in 2018, the majority of iRestify’s clients are property and facility managers.

The switch in focus from residential to commercial cleaning happened intuitively. After all, the property and facility managers of the commercial sector are naturally busy people with a lot on their plate, only one part of which is keeping large facilities with vast floor areas clean and presentable. iRestify is used in both common spaces and for unit turnover cleanings in both residential and commercial property managers. Morfidis and Gummesson saw the problem in the cleaning industry and realized that the technology they were developing would be the perfect solution for helping busy property managers save both time and money.

But such growth and innovation, especially in an industry like cleaning services, dominated by the pen and pad approach is far from easy. The pair of founders have challenged the status quo of the manual process by introducing easy-to-use technological features. The simplicity and utility of online integration is a match made with property managers that have been seeking solutions to make their lives easier.

The hiring out of cleaning services was once a time-consuming and involved process for property and facility managers. After many phone calls and emails, and a handful of site visits, the property manager would be left with multiple quotes. Then came the negotiation and contract signing. By simplifying, digitizing, and bringing online this entire process, iRestify is able to save each of their clients hours of time and effort, while providing the high-quality insured cleaning services that businesses expect.

With much of the busywork and time wastage associated with the hiring out of cleaning services now squarely in the past thanks to the automation offered by iRestify’s technology, both the cleaning service provider and the business that hires them can reap rewards. The technology simplifies multiple aspects of a property management business such as accounting and quality assurance. The benefits in cost savings associated with the features are massive, especially when the sheer scale of the facilities of commercial clients is taken into account. Property managers for example can remote quality check a space from any device, they don’t even have to be on the premises to inspect a service.

iRestify’s clients save over 25% on the cost of cleaning services. That, alone, easily adds up to quite the hefty sum left in the bank accounts of businesses to be used for other important purposes.

The rapid growth fuelling iRestify’s increasing influence and market share shows little sign of slowing down. In addition team member growth is twenty-fold in the short span of two years, the expansion of their current services to new markets including Boston, Chicago, and New York City is currently being planned.

With a scalable business model and a convenient and invaluable offering, the potential of iRestify is practically uncapped.It looks like the next generation of cleaning has finally arrived. And it’s here to stay for good.


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