Milae Vodka wins the “Best Vodka Brand ” award in Davos during World Economic Forum

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 5, 2020 / Milae Vodka has been named the “Best Vodka Brand in the World” 2020, in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum 2020.

Milae Vodka announced today that it has been awarded “The Best Vodka Brand in the World” prize during the World Economic Forum currently underway in Davos Switzerland. Every year, major brands of the world compete for the prestigious award during the World Economic Forum establishing them as the best in their domain industry.

Evan Luthra, Chief Spirit Officer of Milae Vodka says:
“Vodka is more than just a drink, it’s an occasion to get together with your nearest and dearest to enjoy the rich experience and cherish its beautiful treasure and taste. This experience of Milae vodka is meant for the connoisseur who wants to have a luxury vodka experience.”

Milae Vodka, distilled in the UK countryside, is more than just regular spirit. Milae stands for emotion and devotion – expressed in a liquid form. Packaged in a glass bottle, designed and inspired by the surface of the moon, Milae vodka gives the sensation of holding a rare jewel in your hands. Available only at select premium stores & duty-free outlets Milae Vodka is a product for the elite and exclusive.

Experience the rich natural taste of the queen of white spirits. One can always identify Milae in a blind tasting with the velvety feeling mixed with an intriguing sparkly kick. Pop open a bottle to enjoy shots, cocktails or 180sTM with friends. Milae will be sure to bring out the best in every moment. The ultra-premium Milae Vodka has won numerous tasting awards and acknowledged as one of the finest vodkas across the world.

Conceived by friends as a catalyst for great times, Milae Vodka is one of the best easy-drinking vodkas that you’ll find on store shelves today. This is one of the finest vodkas for gluten-intolerant people as it is made from quinoa and potatoes and still offers an incredible taste. To learn more, or order your bottle today, go to www.Milae.Vodka

Distilled only at carefully chosen locations in UK countryside. Milae is made exclusively from organic ingredients including hand picked quinoa & non-GMO potatoes only. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed by our master distiller, recognizing its heritage and the award-winning craftsmanship inside.

*Notes to editors*
Product name: Milae Vodka
Tasting Notes: Creamy, rich and full-bodied with aromas of Quinoa and a smooth finish.


SOURCE: EL Group International

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