Paydex Volunteers Donate to Wuhan, Cheer for Wuhan

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2020 / The fierce new-style coronavirus not only breaks the peace of the spring festival, but also makes many unfortunate people suffer from the menace of illness and confront the fear of death. Encountering with this ruthless virus, there’s too little that ordinary people can do. We can only start from ourselves: wash our hands often, remember to wear masks, go out less to try to reduce the possibility of infection, and promote the traditional virtue “assistance comes from one in trouble.”

The volunteers of paydex Group donated 500000 coins to Hubei Charity Federation to hearten the people of Wuhan and make a contribution to the fight against the virus.

Paydex payment public chain is devoted to opening up a third kind of blockchain payment ecosystem beyond bitcoin and Ethereum, and expanding the application and technology boundaries of blockchain technology, so that ordinary Internet users can feel the value of blockchain technology. In paydex payment public chain system, the underlying technology of star is applied innovatively. Through SCP (stellar consensus protocol), point-to-point value transfer is realized. According to this protocol, a decentralized payment application development platform (DAPP) supporting multiple industries (finance, Internet of things, supply chain, social games, etc.) is constructed.

Though fate is merciless, people have love. Constant warm actions from the people of society let us believe that there are no dilemmas that can not be broken through by a large and cohesive country with a population of 1.4 billion. I am convinced of the victory of anti epidemic war will come quickly with the joint efforts of us all.

Jia He


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