Why Free Real Estate Coach Ricky Carruth Believes in Relationships Over Transactions

ORANGE BEACH, AL / ACCESSWIRE / February 4, 2020 / Ricky Carruth is a hard working entrepreneur who comes from humble beginnings roofing houses in Orange Beach, Alabama with his father as a teenager. At 20 years old he dropped out of college to become a real estate agent with big dreams to become the best in the world. By 23, he was a self-made millionaire living the dream until the market crashed on him which caused him to lose everything as he filed for bankruptcy. Living out of his car, he went back to his roots roofing houses and eventually landed a job on an oil rig in Mississippi. During this backstep in his life, he took the opportunity to figure out why he lost it all and how he would come back to dominate even stronger reading over 100 books in two years. After realizing that his downfall came from chasing money instead of focusing on helping people, he came back on the real estate scene with a vengeance. By 2014, he was selling over 100 properties per year as a single agent and named the top RE/MAX agent in Alabama. He has maintained selling over 100 properties a year since 2014 while managing to write two books, become an international speaker and first completely free real estate coach in the world with over 25,000 real estate agents strong.

Ricky currently runs a real estate sales business, real estate investment business, real estate coaching business, speaking business and is an author. These businesses combined have helped Ricky achieve the status of one of the top real estate agents and coaches in the world today with a huge following on all social media channels sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

From day one, all of Ricky’s business were created out of necessity to help people. His flagship motto is “Relationships over Transactions”, and he proves it everyday as he helps 1,000’s of real estate agents all over the world for free. He first started his coaching business by writing his first book, Zero to Diamond: How To Become A Million Dollar Real Estate Agent. Then, his second book, List To Last: How To Survive Every Real Estate Market Crash. After his first speech for RE/MAX in 2016 in Biloxi, MS, he felt the audience’s overwhelming gratitude as he walked off stage, and that gave him all the confidence he needed that the industry need to hear what he was saying. So, he decided to begin a lifelong journey to spread his message in an effort to reduce the failure rate in the real estate industry.

He states that the biggest challenge in starting a business as an entrepreneur is the amount of sheer effort and patience needed to really do great things. Most people are looking for the shortcut, but there are no shortcuts in this business. “You will only be as successful as the amount of effort you put into it. Not how much effort you are willing to put in, but how much effort is actually put in for years and decades,” says Ricky.

He realized that mindset is everything, and without understanding that business is unlimited and competition doesn’t exist, no one will hit their goals. They will be too worried about what everyone else is doing, and what they think. The key is to block out everyone else and just become the best version of yourself that you can be. The maximum amount of effort will yield the highest personal results which will be different for everyone. As soon as you realize that, now we can get in our zone and get to work on our business.

Any business is founded on people and building long term relationships with your prospects and clients. They do this by showing them you care about them as a human, not just a sale. Then we work hard to build your brand around that. You have to understand that every real relationship you create with a client is worth so much future business than the current deal you may or may not be doing with them. Repeat business, referrals and referrals of referrals are the key to everything in today’s world of business. Marketshare is the percentage of relationships you have with customers in the market compared to your competitors.

Ricky scaled quickly by having the systems in place to streamline his business in a way that takes the stress off of him. This allowed him to do more business and be open to more opportunities that he didn’t see when he was too busy trying to control every detail of his business. Essentially, worrying less leads to more productivity. Ricky also tries to communicate and build his brand in a personal way. In a way that makes his clients feel like they know him more than they really do through his content. “Your content needs to be original and consistent. This will give them the feeling that you care enough to create content they like. The consistency will give them the impression that you are consistent and dependable. We are in a personal branding world of sales whereas your clients are attracted to you”, explains Ricky.

Ricky differentiates himself by sharing everything he knows for absolutely free. There is no upcharge in his coaching program. You get his entire blueprint and access to him for nothing. You can’t compete with free. He also is known to outwork every single person in whatever industry he decides to takeover. No one works longer and harder than Ricky as he continues to increase his skill level as well. He strongly believes in getting “1% better everyday”.

Following that philosophy, he feels that his biggest success has not been accomplished yet, as he bases his success on the amount of people in the world he has had a positive impact on. Seeing how there are billions of people in the world, Ricky suggests he hasn’t even scratched the surface even after the 10’s of thousands of people he has made a huge impact on.

At this time, Ricky is working on maintaining his real estate sales business while starting a Zero To Diamond Tour in the Southeast early 2020 along a dozen other events he will be speaking at. He is also working on a third book he hopes to be released early 2021.

His goal and legacy is to be the poster child of coming from absolutely nothing to becoming one of the most influential people in the world, giving more than he took.

Since I give everything I have for free, people always ask what they can do for me. All I want from anyone is for them to take something I teach them and use it to change their life and make their dreams come true,” says Ricky.

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