Lorraine Beato Releases New Book, Flip the Switch from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Investor

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2020 / Nationally recognized Realtor® and real estate entrepreneur Lorraine Beato releases a new book titled, “Flip the Switch – from Real Estate to Real Estate Investor” which is now available on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

The book aims to get Real Estate agents to harness their existing knowledge and “flip the switch” from selling real estate to investing in it in order to build wealth and help weather market shifts in an ever changing real estate landscape.

“I wrote this book to get Real Estate agents to flip the switch and get them to think about their plan B,” said Lorraine Beato. “What are they going to do when they get close to retirement and how would they prepare for another tank in the real estate market? And now here we are. Real Estate agents are panicked about COVID-19, their businesses and their bank accounts. But the ones who have reserves, who have planned and have investment properties, are not so worried, they actually see opportunity. I am on a mission to empower agents to think about retirement, to think about investing in real estate for retirement and wealth building purposes, and invest in the thing they sell every day. They need to “flip the switch” and invest in their craft. I am that voice of empowerment to show them what kinds of options are available when it comes to investing in real estate whether they are solo agents or have a team.”

Kevin L. Palmer, Founder & CEO of PalmerHouse Properties, wrote the following in the book’s forward:

“Real estate agents are notoriously negligent when it comes to planning for their retirement. Instead, they think this year… or next year… will be the year they make enough money to start planning for the future…. While real estate agents are great at assisting others in purchasing investment properties, they aren’t the best at buying them for themselves. Income-producing properties can play a very large role in an agent’s retirement planning.”

Lorraine Beato and her partners are a leading real estate group focused on superior customer service and win-win transactions. Atlanta’s Residences with PalmerHouse Properties offers a broad range of full-service real estate services and consulting. The expertise, marketing resources and dedication they have to guide buyers, sellers and investors through all phases of the real estate transaction has earned their clients’ trust and provided the means to expand to service clients locally, nationally and internationally.

About Lorraine Beato

Lorraine Beato is nationally recognized in real estate and is a proud lifetime member of the North Atlanta Metro Association of Realtors Million Dollar Club. With more than 25 years of experience as a Realtor®, investor, appraiser, speaker, and consultant, she is able to successfully negotiate a sale, renovate a home or advise a client about investing. Her track record of success in real estate deals, creative financing, sales, and renovations has made her one of the Southeast’s most sought-after players in the industry. With an extensive professional network and a rare depth of expertise, Lorraine is just as comfortable walking through a million-dollar property as she is transforming a teardown into a gem. For more information, please visit https://lorrainebeato.com or e-mail Lorraine@LorraineBeato.com.

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