‘LoveWorks’ Seeks Business Act Exemption In A Bid To Continue Providing FDA Listed Medical Devices To Louisiana

‘LoveWorks rebukes non-essential status as fears rise for availability of specialist contraception’

LAKE CHARLES, LA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2020 / Lake Charles based ‘LoveWorks’ has formally appealed a recent decision which has seen the business face closure, under the Coronavirus influenced Business Closure Act.

Specializing in a wide range of sexual health and marital aid products, the company has formally appealed to State Governor John Bel Edwards, following the company being wrongly categorized as a ‘non-essential’ business. The decision would see the store close with immediate effect and subsequently remove an important provider of FDA classified medical products, from the local community.

LoveWorks president Joe Wiseman commented: “I understand the knee-jerk reaction to close adult oriented stores as non-essential, however this is a shallow and poorly thought out decision. The reality is that a large portion of our local community rely on us for particular products which cannot be purchased at the likes of Walmart. Many of these relate to specialist contraception such as specific types or sizes, which address medical needs and simply can’t be found elsewhere.”

“This is a real issue for many, with the FDA officially categorizing condoms as Class 2 medical devices. While there’s the obvious humorous banter around needing specific sizes of condoms, the reality for those affected is a real risk of damage to their relationships, their well-being and their mental health.”

LoveWorks has also highlighted that a growing number of Obstetrics and Gynaecology doctors in Southwest Louisiana send patients to the store on a daily basis, to purchase specific brands of personal lubricants and other items which can’t be purchased at WalMart, CVS, or Walgreen’s stores. The closure of the store would have a significant impact on those using these products to manage medical conditions, such as those related to Menopause.

Within a letter sent directly to Governor Edwards, Mr Wiseman also highlighted the peripheral but no less important impacts of the closure order. He continued: “During an unprecedented time of global crisis, much of the world’s population is confined to their homes. To remove the wide provision of contraceptives from a community in this position, runs a huge risk of adding to the worryingly anticipated largest baby-boom in a generation. Looking after our communities means more than just avoiding the Coronavirus.”

To alleviate concerns around the potential spread of the virus in the event of LoveWorks remaining open, Mr Wiseman has described two options of either remaining open with stringent safety and hygiene measures – including regular sanitizing and cleaning, with strictly limited customer numbers being permitted – or alternatively operating as a ‘to-go’ business, which would meet the needs of the community while observing the social distancing and restrictive measures in place.

Mr Wiseman concluded: “We take the safety of our staff, our customers and our community very seriously. The options we have proposed are balanced, managed and will reduce the significant damage that closing would have, on the well-being and health of our local community.”

About LoveWorks:

Based in Louisiana USA, LoveWorks® is a privately-owned company founded in 1991 with headquarters in Lake Charles – one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. LoveWorks® sells products designed to improve interpersonal relationships and supplies the local community with a wide range of specialist class 2 medical devices.

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Contact: Joe Wiseman
Email: mjw@loveworks.com
Telephone: +1 337-478-3566
Full Text Of Appeal: https://loveworks.com/letter-to-governor-john-bel-edwards

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