Oxylabs Becomes Global Leader in Big Data Extraction Services, Extends Research Support and Funding for COVID-19 Research Projects

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2020 / OXYLABS, a provider of premium proxies and data scraping solutions, has recently increased its resources to become the worldwide leader in data extraction services while extending funding support and data expertise to several University-led projects that conduct research and track data about the COVID-19 virus.

With over 60M residential IPs located globally, Oxylabs now leads the world in proxy services with a broader and more precise spectrum of locations and increased access to data-rich website resources. Since expanding its network of proxy pools, the company has extended support to universities for their COVID-19 research projects, increasing their chances of obtaining high-quality information from data requests with the same level of success as their Fortune-500 clients.

“As the largest proxy provider and data delivery leader in the world, we seek to empower universities and other institutions in their work through our continued partnerships,” commented Oxylabs CEO Julius Cerniauskas. “We are here to provide funding, complimentary research support, free proxies and other data delivery solutions that could help kickstart, scale or maintain any COVID-19 projects.”

The Company recently partnered with undergraduate students from Stanford University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech to support TrackCorona – a COVID-19 tracking website that went from a blip on the radar screen to a prominent global resource with 1.4 million visits from 193 countries, averaging 40,000 users per day.

Among other initiatives being supported by Oxylabs is CoronaMapper, a project led by digital finance student Paolo Montemurro and researcher Peter H. Gruber from the University of Lugano in Switzerland. Like TrackCorona, this interactive website provides information on the spread of COVID-19 with a detailed focus on local impacts spanning 4 days to keep the information current.

Since these types of projects require substantial technological and financial resources, cooperation among businesses, governments and institutions is crucial. According to James Yun, one of the TrackCorona team members, “Developing TrackCorona has been rewarding but also resource-intensive. The financial support provided by this partnership with Oxylabs will be used toward scaling sustainably and providing better performance to our millions of users. This will allow us to continue our mission to inform as many people as possible about the spread of COVID-19.”

Support for projects like TrackCorona and Coronamapper are part of Oxylab’s corporate culture, and the company is available to help develop and maintain similar projects all over the world.

“Everyone must play a part in the effort against COVID-19,” emphasized Oxylabs CEO Julius Cerniauskas. “With its increased resources, Oxylabs is ready to provide proxies, specialized industry knowledge, and any other supportive tools needed to obtain the highest-quality data required to drive these projects forward.”

About Oxylabs

Oxylabs is the leading global provider of premium proxies and data scraping solutions for large-scale web data extraction. The company’s mission is clear: To give every business – whether big or small – the right to access big data. With unmatched hands-on experience in web data harvesting, Oxylabs is in trusted partnerships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and global businesses, helping them unearth hidden gems of business intelligence data through state-of-the-art products and technological expertise.


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