TC1 is Re-Shaping The Fitness Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2020 / TC1 is a fitness and supplement company focusing on whole-body wellness with a product line ranging from fitness equipment to vitamins and minerals and topical supplements. TC1 believes that health is no longer an option and strives to provide products for everyone at every point in their fitness journey. TC1 prides itself on innovative products at the cutting edge of nutritional health and physical activity, often beating competitors to the market with their unique products.

“Your health is not an option – it is a way of life!” – James Cork, Founder of TC1.

James has always been very committed to physical health. He strives to pass that passion to others through products that act as motivation.

New Beginnings

Before starting TC1 in 2014, James and his team created multiple successful online marketing campaigns for supplement brands. They took that online marketing experience to launch their own brand of unique fitness products at TC1.

“We saw how successful we could be in marketing other people’s products, so we decided to take the risk and gathered the capital to launch our own brand. What motivated us was the positive reaction we started getting to our flagship product, our Sweat Ignition Gel,” says James.

But the idea for the gel didn’t just manifest out of thin air. James and his team were actively looking to create a unique product within the fitness industry to combat traditional thermogenics and workout gels that gave minimal results. This was their inspiration behind the creation of their best selling Sweat Ignition Gel. “And with positive feedback consistently coming in about how our product worked and was different than others in the space, we knew we were on to something,” says James.

Creating Success

“The popularity of our sweat ignition gel has been a huge boon for our company. It has allowed us to expand our product line as well as our visibility in the fitness vertical,” says James.

But that’s not the only reason for the success of TC1. “Our online marketing experience has allowed us to advertise more successfully than our competitors. Our team is also diverse in our skill sets and areas of expertise, allowing us to consistently think about our business in unconventional ways,” James states.

James also believes that the success of TC1 came down to finding good people to run the business and finding enough capital to support their goals was in the beginning. He also states that staying ahead of curves and trends in their market is important, as the market is constantly evolving.

Plans For the Future

Now that TC1 has established themselves in the industry, they are working on growing their business through their core products.

“Trying to get too creative with products has hurt us in the past. Extending outside our core products has been costly, but not very damaging. We don’t ever want to ‘stay in our lane,’ but we do want to always think critically about products we want to bring to the market” says James.

By establishing their dominance in one area, James hopes they can earn top ranks among online supplement brands.

On Legacy

As for what lays ahead for James, the long-time entrepreneur has never been more focused on seeing his growing brand succeed. At an age where many business owners would look to take a step back, he has different plans.

“I don’t plan on retiring because we have a lot we want to accomplish, and this business will always be a part of my daily life,” says James.

James wants to be known for creating awareness about the importance of wellness and making an impact on people’s health, even if it’s just one person.

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